Spa area

Our center has an area called wet, better known as the Spa, or the place where it pursues the welfare through the water. Still uncertain the origins of the use of the word Spa to identify these places, it would seem, however, that the term derives from the Latin Salus Per Acquam or SPA Belgian resort famous in the sixteenth century to the mineral properties of its waters. Our Spa still has: welcome showers, antifungal, Hammam, emotional showers, hot tub, sauna, cold water bucket, ice fountain, relax area, massage room, and the wonderful caves typical Nettunese subsurface, which alone are worth the effort to try a path that includes massage and in view of the cave.

Spa area services

•    Welcome shower
•    Antifungal 
•    Hammam
•    Ice fountain
•    Cold water bucce
•    Emotional shower
•    Sauna
•    Emotional crib
•    Relax area
•    Caves
•    The set of different services form a path. The paths vary in duration and number of services.


The caves in time deposit and cellar of each house in Nettuno, represent today the world of traditions disappeared, remaining a charming and enchanting setting. Wonderful setting for couples massage and /or tasting aperitif or brunch at the outline of many paths in the Spa area. Halex boasts caves maintained as in the original tradition to store barrels and wine storage and joins the caves of the center VenereSpa born in reality as a quarry for the extraction of macco which represented a material suitable for the construction of buildings up to 70/80 years ago.

Many wellness centers and even some Spa in order to create emotions, artificially reproduce the environment of the caves, but that is typical of Nettuno and is wonderfully skilled in the center VenereSpa.
The caves of the center are arranged in two levels, in the first block to just over 6 meters in depth they are in an setting dedicated to the tasting of foods and fruit and to the enjoyment of unforgettable couples massage, submerged in the music in a lighted setting by the warm light of the candles.

In the second levels at about 8 meters below ground level branching of the ancient caves that once kept the precious casks of Nettunesi’s wine, and today it will provide an experience showing details of a tradition and a way of life now gone. The beautiful walk in the caves is made to dream and show signs of life that was ... in a non-inflated and for many unknown.